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$1,150 of $5,000 target.

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Jatin Patel

$1,150 of $5,000 target.

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Jatin Patel


I'm cycling from London to Paris in July to raise funds for Tearfund's fight for freedom. Sponsor my ride and you will be joining the Support Team, helping children and young women predominantly who have been trafficked into sexual exploitation. I've been lucky enough to visit Tearfund's partner Nvader in Thailand, and am blown away by the energy and passion of the team there. They are so committed to helping these survivors, and the results are astounding. Last year they were responsible for 50% of Thailand's total human trafficking convictions.
It was humbling to see this amazing Kiwi led team not just rescue children & young women from this terrible crime but also lead the way in prosecution. 24 people (approx.) are prevented every year a trafficker is behind bars.
Please consider joining my Support Team and helping make our world a better place.    
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Amazing trip! Everyone was so supportive and each level of rider was catered for. Loved it!.

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Tearfund (The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund)

[size=150]Freedom is a basic human right. Yet there are more people enslaved today than any time in human history. Tearfund has a hunger for justice and is committed to addressing the issue of sex trafficking through empowerment, rescue, prosecution, and restoration of survivors.[/size][size=150]The humble bike is a universal symbol of hope and freedom. Tearfund is building a community on the move for freedom. Join Tearfund’s community on bikes and ensure vulnerable children are protected, innocent lives rescued, perpetrators brought to justice and broken lives restored. It’s expensive work but not compared to the worth of the victims’ lives.[/size]

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Jatin Patel

for Tearfund (The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund)

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$1,150 of $5,000 target

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